spring time

Spring is in the air…..

Spring season is now here with all its beauty and hope. The flowers are in full bloom, and the weather is perfect. It is the time to rejoice, and celebrate the beauty of nature.

Spring is celebrated throughout the world in some way or the other. In Thailand there is water festival, where people throw water on each other. China celebrates its new year. Houses are cleaned and decorated with red colored paper cuts. There is a family reunion and many delicacies are made. In US people celebrate Easter in spring with chocolate bunnies and marshmallow candies. Spring festival of Las Fallas, Spain is world famous for its revelry.


Spring  festival of Las Fallas                                                        Image flickr.com

Spring Festivals of India

On the fifth day of spring, falls the Vasant Panchami. Yellow color holds special significance on this day. People wear yellow clothes, sweet dishes of yellow color are made. In our home sweet rice with saffron strands is made, which gives it a distinct yellow hue, and wonderful aroma. Yellow color is related to bloom of mustard flowers during this season. It signifies brilliance of nature and vibrancy of life.

Holi revelry

Holi, the spring festival of India                                                   Image  flickr.com   

Festival of colors, Holi is also celebrated during this season. People rub colors on each other’s face, and hug each other. It involves lot of revelry with the spirit of forgive and forget. People throw dry colored powder, and colored water on each other. People chase each other to color them, they joke, sing and dance. There is a riot of color on this day.

Holi celebration

Image flickr.com

Whenever there is a festival, delicacies have a special importance. On this day in North India, special sweet dish called gujhiya is made. Pickled purple carrot called gajar ki kanji is also savored. Many more fried dishes, sweets, and a milk shake called thandai is enjoyed on this day. I will share recipes of some of these dishes in future.

Holi delicacies

Gujhiyas and thandai                                                  Image wikimedia commons

India has a diverse culture, and these festivals are celebrated differently in different regions.

How is spring celebrated in your region? What are the delicacies that you enjoy in this season? I will love to know something of your life.


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