Melon ball salad recipe | summer fruit salad
This salad uses three types of melons with light lemon and mint dressing.
Servings Prep Time
4people 15minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 15minutes
  1. Cut watermelon and scoop out about 1 cup full of balls using melon baller. In the same way scoop out balls of cantaloupe as well.
  2. Cut out a cap of muskmelon from near its stem area. Remove all the seeds. Now scoop out about one cup full of balls from its flesh. Scoop out rest of the flesh as well. Now you have hollow bowl of muskmelon shell. Cut triangular pieces from the edge of this muskmelon bowl. (look at the video given above)
  3. To prepare salad dressing, add black salt and black pepper powder to lemon juice. Also add chopped mint leaves and olive oil. Mix well.
  4. Put all the melon balls in a big mixing bowl. Add salad dressing and mix well. Now keep this salad in the melon shell bowl that we had made. Decorate it with a sprig of mint on top.
  5. Refreshing and attractive melon ball salad is ready. Serve chilled.
Recipe Notes
  • Keep the melon balls in refrigerator for some time to chill. In the mean time you can prepare dressing and cut out the melon shell to make a bowl.
  • Add dressing to the balls just before serving, so that the balls do not sweat due to presence of salt.
  • Do not add too much of mint or spices to the dressing.