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Raksha Bandhan special | Rakhi recipes

Here are some Rakhi recipes that you can easily make at home in this Raksha Bandhan special.

The Hindu festival of Raksha bandhan holds special place in the heart of people of India. This festival celebrates the love and bonding between brothers and sisters. Any festival is incomplete without feast, and especially sweets. The sisters give sweets to eat to their brothers while tying rakhi on their wrists. It is my belief that giving personal touch to gifts, food, celebrations, etc. is always appreciated. So why not prepare some nice dishes at home to celebrate this beautiful festival of raksha bandhan.

I am sharing some rakhi recipes, both of sweet and savory dishes that will make the festivities more special.

Rakhi recipes- Easy To Make Sweets and Savory Dishes

Any festival is incomplete without sweet dishes. Here are the recipes of some sweet dishes that you can easily make at home.

Moong Dal Ki Barfi:


moong dal barfi

Rakhi recipe: moong dal barfi


Moong ki dal ka halua and barfi are every one’s favorite. Here is an easy method to make moong dal ki barfi using condensed milk, where you will not have to cook in the kitchen for hours to make this delicious barfi. Read recipe.

An Easy Recipe Of Kalakand:

rakhi recipe

Delicious kalakand using condensed milk

Kalakand is a delicious sweet from Rajasthan. It can be easily made at home in no time. Tou can impress everyone by making kalakand this time. Read recipe.

Kesaria Rice Kheer

Rice kheer

Everyone’s favorite: Saffron flavored rice kheer

There is nothing more divine then home made rice kheer. You can prepare this saffron flavored rice kheer in advance and serve it chilled. Read recipe.

Fruit Trifle pudding

Fruit trifle pudding

Impress all with Fruit Trifle Pudding

If your brother fancies fusion or international cuisines, make this fruit trifle pudding and impress him. It does not require much effort, and you can use ingredients that are available at home. Read recipe.

Mango Vanilla Panna Cotta

mango vanilla panna cotta

Delicious mango vanilla Panna Cotta

This Italian dessert is a show stopper. Mangoes are still available in market. Try making this impressive dessert during festivities. You can replace mango with any other fruit such as peach or green apple if you want. Read recipe.

We cannot eat just sweets. If you want to make something savory look at these delicious options-

Kaale chane ke kabab

Kale chane ke kabab

Never go wrong with kaale chane ke kabab

If you are looking to make something savory for your family, make these delicious kababs made from black gram. Moreover, this is an oil free cooking recipe that makes it super healthy. You can never go wrong with these. Read recipe.

Khandvi Recipe



Delicious and light: Kandvi

Make delicious Khandvi and impress one and all. This Gujrati dish is light and easy on stomach. This is oil free cooking recipe, making these very healthy option. Read recipe.

Chana Lobia Rajma salad


rakhi recipe

Nutritious chana lobia rajma salad

If you are thinking of something healthy and nutritious, and at the same time filling, this is the salad for you. Without much effort you can make this delicious dish that is hard to stop eating. Read recipe

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