navratri fast recipes

Navratri fast recipes | delicious recipes for vrat

Navratri or nine nights (literally) is considered to be the holiest period of the year by Hindus. Navratri falls twice in an year. Chaitra navratri falls in spring, whereas sharad navratri falls after monsoon in autumn. It is the period when the weather changes. People fast during this period. Fasting helps in preparing our body for upcoming harsh summer or winter, as the case may be.  I have have written about benefits of fasting, ayurvedic and other concepts in my earlier post. Hindu religion is very heterogeneous. The tradition of fasting and ceremonies vary from region to region, and family to family. Here I will share a collection of some delicious navratri fast recipes that you can try.

Every household have their own rules and regulations about these fasts. Many people do not eat anything and do not even consume water during fasting. Some others are a bit lenient and eat fruits and some other items, but do not take grains. In general people eat light food, and avoid non vegetarian food items, onion and garlic during this period even if they are not fasting. To know more about navratri fast and healthy seeds that can be eaten during navratri, read my post Navratri fast: eat healthy seeds.

Here are some delicious navratri fast recipes that are different from regular fare that is taken during fasts. Consult your family elders and tweek the recipes according to your need. Replace common salt with rock salt (sendha namak).

Navratri fast RECIPES that you must try:


Phalahari Potato Dahi Vada | Vrat ka Dahi Vada

Phalahari potato dahi vada

The first in navratri fast recipes is phalahari dahi vada. This delicious dahi vada is made using potatoes and water chestnut flour (singhare ka atta). Its sweet and sour taste will tickle your taste buds. Read recipe .

Sukhi Arbi Recipe for vrat | Dry Curry of Taro Roots

Sukhi arbi recipe for fast

Eating arbi during fasting has many benefits. For the one, it satiates our hunger quickly, and is rich in minerals and vitamins. Make sukhi arbi that can be eaten with puri in the main course or as a snack. Read recipe.

Kuttu Ki Barfi

Kuttu atta recipe : Kuttu ki barfi

For those who have sweet tooth, this is a perfect dish. Kuttu ka atta or buckwheat flour is the new superfood of present time and is considered to be very nutritious. Make these barfis and enjoy them fresh. Read recipe


An Easy recipe of kalakand


Do you think making kalakand is very difficult? Check this easy recipe of making kalakand using condensed milk. You can watch the video to be more clear on how to make it. Read recipe

Refreshing WATERMELON smoothie

 watermelon smoothie

The temperature has already started soaring, and a cool and refreshing smoothie is more than welcome in this season. Read the recipe and watch video to make this drink. Use sendha namak instead of common salt. If you feel strawberry crush brought from the market may contain some ingredients that are not allowed in fast, you can skip adding it, and add some sugar instead. Read recipe

Kiwi cucumber mint mocktail

Kiwi Cucumber Mint Mocktail

This fresh fruit mocktail will definitely replenish energy in your body. You will love it for its freshness. Read recipe

Healthy and tasty fruit salad

Fruit salad

Eating fruits is of course beneficial to our health. If we use fresh fruits to make fruit salad, it will be a more than welcome change. Here replace vinegar with lemon juice, and common salt with sendha namak (rock salt). Read recipe

Fruit chaat

Fruit chaat

How can we forget our very own Indian street food, and that is fruit chaat? Here replace common salt with sendha namak (rock salt). If you want, you can skip market made chaat masala too. Instead, slightly increase the quantity of other spices. Read recipe

Til gur ke laddu

til gur ke laddu

Til (sesame)and gur (jaggery) both are very nutritious. Moreover these laddus will give you much needed energy. Read recipe

 Amla lemon ginger squash

Amla lemon ginger squash

Another refreshing drink, that is loaded with nutrition. It also acts as detox ti the digestive system.Read recipe

 Aam panna

Aam Panna

Raw mangoes have started coming in the market. Try this traditional Indian summer drink, whenever feeling dehydrated and low on energy. Read recipe

Bhapa doi

Bhapa Doi: Steamed Yogurt

This Bengali delicacy is easy to make, and you cannot go wrong with it. Try this dessert, and you will not repent it. Read recipe



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