Easy dessert recipes

Easy dessert recipes | nice dessert ideas

Here is a collection of easy dessert recipes and no fuss dessert ideas.

Who needs special occasion to savour heavenly cinnamon rolls, or melt in mouth gulab jamuns? Whether you are looking for traditional Indian sweet dishes, or something fancy, you will get something here. Discover delectable dessert recipes – from heavenly trifle pudding to scrumptious barfi that will sweeten any get-togethers. Choose from a selection of easy dessert recipes that your family and friends will love.

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Easy Dessert recipes


Recipe of Moong Dal Barfi: an easy method

Moong dal barfi

                                     Delicious moong dal barfi

Moong dal (green gram) barfi is traditionally made by soaking dal in water, grinding a paste, and then cooking it on low flame. It is time consuming. Here is an easy recipe to prepare the barfi using condensed milk. It does not require long cooking time. Read recipe.


Fruit Trifle Pudding

Fruit trifle pudding

                                    Easy dessert recipes: fruit trifle pudding

A quick to assemble sweet dish that will impress every one. It can be rustled up with whatever ingredients are available at home. You can use different combinations of fruits and base. It is an excellent dessert for parties. You can also assemble it in individual portions in bowls or glasses. Read recipe.


Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls for Christmas dinner, New Year Party

                                    Delectable cinnamon rolls

Gooey and flavorful cinnamon rolls are everyone’s favorites. Taste of freshly baked cinnamon rolls is incomparable. Make these delicious rolls at home and impress everyone. Read recipe. 


 Easy milk powder Gulab Jamun recipe

Easy milk powder gulab jamun recipe

                                    Soft and delicious gulab jamuns

Soft and spongy gulab jamuns with melt in the mouth texture are probably the most popular traditional Indian dessert. These milk based balls are drenched in flavored sugar syrup. They are traditionally made with mawa/khoya, but this recipe uses milk powder (milk solids) that is easily available everywhere. Read recipe.


Rice Kheer

Rice kheer

                                     Rice kheer: traditional Indian dessert

Simple but flavorful rice kheer from Indian subcontinent is made in all regions of the subcontinent with some variations. This popular dish of rice and milk is easy to make. It is very often made during celebrations, festivals, and religious ceremonies. Flavored with saffron and cardamom, this kheer will surely be a show stopper. Read recipe.


Bhapa Doi

Bhapa Doi: steamed yogurt pudding

                                        Easy dessert recipes: Bhapa doi

Bengali dessert called bhapa doi: steamed yogurt pudding (bhapa means steamed and doi is yogurt) is  a very easy dish to make.  You can hardly ever go wrong. Hung yogurt (curd in India) is used in this recipe, though  Greek Yogurt will also give very good result. Soft, with texture like cheesecake, it can be flavored in various ways. Read recipe.


Mango Vanilla panna Cotta

mango vanilla panna cotta

                                    Impressive: mango vanilla panna cotta

This is another dish that will impress one and all with its looks and taste. Panna Cotta is traditional Italian dessert that is creamy, and has consistency of jelly. It is wobbly, but firm. It can be made with cream only, or a combination of cream and any other flavoring such as strawberry or mango. These fruits add a new dimension to Panna Cotta. Read recipe.


Nutella Chocolate Mug Cake in two minutes

Nutella chocolate mug cake in 2 minutes

                     Cake in a mug: Nutella chocolate mug cake

Sometimes we crave for eating something sweet, and we may not find anything to our liking available at home. It is such a big disappointment. Make this nutella chocolate mug cake in two minutes in your microwave. This easy and quick recipe will help you in satiating your desire for something sweet and delicious. No complicated ingredients or difficult steps. Even someone who doesn’t cook can make it. Moreover the taste is awesome! Read recipe.


An Easy Recipe of kalakand

rakhi recipe

                                     Favorite: kalakand

Kalakand is a traditional Indian sweet. It is a specialty of Rajasthan. It is in fact a type of milk cake. Traditionally it involves slow cooking of milk, and then partially curdling it with alum. But here is a quick method to make it using sweetened condensed milk. It shortens the time of cooking to about 15 minutes. Read recipe.


Til Gur ke laddu : Sesame seed candies

til gur ke laddu

 Sweet candies: til gur ke laddu

In India, as winters arrive, so do fresh batch of jaggery. The market is flooded with all sorts of jaggery candies such as til gur ke laddu, chicki/moongphali ki patti, puffed rice candies,til ki gazak, rewari, and many more. These mouthwatering laddus are not only tasty, but nutritious too. Read recipe.

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