salad of chick peas, kidney beans, and black eyed peas

Chana Rajma Lobia salad


A salad of chickpeas, red kidney beans, and black-eyed-peas

This chana rajma lobia salad is protein and minerals rich nutritious salad, that can be prepared in advance. It is very filling and can be had as a snack. It can also be served as a starter in parties.

I use dry chana rajma lobia (chickpeas and beans) , soak them in water overnight, and boil them till done, but not overdone. I add salt to taste before boiling each of them. Take care to boil them separately as the time taken cook is different for different beans. You may use canned beans and chickpeas too. In that case drain out all the liquid.

You can experiment with various combination of beans and spices of your choice.

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Recipe of chana rajma

 lobia salad


Prep time: 20 minutes    Servings: 5-6


chickpeas (kabuli chana), boiled– half cup

red kidney beans (rajma), boiled– half cup

black-eyed-peas (lobia), boiled–half cup

onion, finely chopped–half cup

tomatoes, finely chopped–half cup

carrots, finely chopped–1/4 cup

cucumber, finely chopped–half cup

potato, boiled and diced into small pieces–1/2 cup

green chili, finely chopped–one (optional)

cilantro (coriander), finely chopped–3-4 heads

lemon juice–1 table spoon

cumin seeds, roasted and ground–2 teaspoons

chat masala –2 teaspoons (found in any Indian market)

salt to taste


In a large bowl combine all ingredients. Toss well. Taste and adjust amount of lemon, salt, and spices, and you are done. Refrigerate for half an hour.

Step by step demonstration of how I did is shown below:

  1. Soaked chana rajma lobiaDSC00655-001I separately boiled both the beans and chickpeas, after adding some salt in the water. I had soaked them all overnight. Chickpeas took around 15 minutes, while black-eyed-peas took around 6-7 minutes to cook in pressure cooker. They all should be properly cooked, but not overdone.
  2. DSC00656-002I chopped all the vegetables. (Sorry for blurred picture…this one didn’t come out well)
  3. DSC00662-001.JPG  Mixed all the ingredients, and chana rajma lobia salad is ready!

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