Celebrating Friendship

Celebrating friendship : my soulmate and inspiration

Celebrating Friendship: Image source openclipart by GDJ 

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
– Walter Winchell.

Celebrating Friendship

Today I was feeling nostalgic, and so thought to delve on what led me to start this food blog. We all make friends in our life. There are some who come and go from our life with the passage of time. I too had many friends with whom I am no more in touch, and sometimes wonder where they are and how they are doing in their life. Thanks to social media, I could reconnect with some of my old friends, and now occasionally we share messages, and try to once again revive the bond that we shared in the past. Some people are more lucky, and are able to make friends who are there with them throughout their life. Since my father had a transferable job, we shifted place very often. I made new friends wherever I went, and with time got out of touch with old friends. But in my life there was a constant companion, and that was my sister. We are just one and a half years apart, and very close to each other. I can call her my best friend and my soul mate who always stood by me in thick and thin. I can share anything that comes to my mind with her, and I know that she will understand me like no other can.

When I was very young my family used to stay in various  remote places. When me and my little sister grew up a little, we were sent to a hostel, so that we could get proper education. Since we were very young at that time, initially I did not understand that it meant we will be away from our parents for long time. When reality dawned upon me I started crying, and my little sis kept on consoling me. From that time till now, she has always played that role with aplomb. Though I am older of the two, she has always been mentally stronger. She is my best friend and support.

As a child (and even now) I was always afraid of ghosts. At that time Dracula stories were very popular amongst my peers. Friends will discuss about Dracula, witches, and ghost in school, and at night I was terrified thinking about these. Very often I imagined Dracula peeping in from the window, and used to start shrieking terrified. My sister…oh! I didn’t mention her name yet! She is Yamini. She would sometimes comfort me and at other times chide me for being so frail hearted. I did not have guts to go to the washroom at night. Many times I used to wake her up to accompany me , and she would oblige though grumbling at my stupidity.

At the same time I hated her bossy nature. We would very often argue and quarrel. She wanted to sleep early and so would switch off the lights, whereas I wanted to read something and sleep late (of course, we used to share the room!). She would clean and tidy the room, and then want me to keep it that way, though I wanted to be more comfortable, and keep things at arm’s length. That’s how we grew up, sometimes quarrelling, sometimes laughing together, and always by each other’s side.


Celebrating Friendship

Celebrating friendship: we laughed together. Picture source Pixabay: Samualchavelas


With the passage of time we married and got busy with our own families. Our meetings became less and less frequent. When my first child was born, I left my job as a teacher, so that I could give all my attention to my family. Few years ago she came to my place to spend some time with me. At that time I was feeling low. My children had grown up, and had their own priorities. Husband was busy in his office. I had started feeling lonely and unwanted. As is wont, she was once again there to pep me up. She told me that life doesn’t end once your children grow up. Since I had some spare time, she advised me to start teaching once again. She also asked me to consider taking cooking classes, as with time I had become a good cook, and was very passionate about cooking.

With her advice and encouragement, I started teaching once again. This had a very positive influence, as when you spend time with children their positive energy and enthusiasm rubs on you. Later I got an opportunity to write content for publishing house, and a web site. This all led me to start my own food blog. So here I am – sharing my experience and the inspiration that I always got from Yamini. Today I want to thank her for whatever she has done for me. To an extent this food blog has come into existence because of her encouragement.


Celebrating friendship: here is a picture gallery showing the snippets from our life.


Celebrating friendship: with mummy and YaminiWith mother and Yamini with iconic Taj Mahal in the background


celebrating friendshipFriendship means sharing thoughts: relaxing on a swing with Yamini


My sister

Yamini with her son. Family responsibilities gave us little time to meet.


Sisters are best friendsBonding time once again!


I am sure you too have few stories to share about your friends. Since we are celebrating friendship here, I am eager to know about your friendships and bonding. Please share your experiences in the comments section.

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  • This is so cute! I wish I had a sister, but I have a younger brother and we’re not that close at all. But it’s always so great to hear or see family members that are super close and inspire one another. Great post!

  • I am lucky to belong to a close knit family. It feels awesome when you know there will be someone or the other who will stand by you in the hour of need. I liked your blog and the light hearted approach.Thanks a lot for liking the post.

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