Vandana Mathur

There are so many dimensions to food. Some people live to eat, while others eat to live-but eat they must! I am the one who loves her food, and love cooking too.

I am always fascinated by various colors, textures, and aroma of food. While you cook, you can play with all these, and make a new creation. It is like any artwork where you can let your creativity run amok.

My mother once told me that when you cook, your emotions, your thoughts, and energy enter into the food. That is why when you cook with love, the food tastes so good.

Hi, I am Vandana Mathur. I am a foodie who believes in cooking Β tasty but at the same time healthy food. It is always my endeavor to use ingredients that are healthier; without compromising on taste and texture of the food. In my blog I will share various recipes that I have learnt from my family elders, friends, and also from various cooking books, and websites. I will share recipes from India (where I belong to), as well as some international recipes.

These are my baby steps in the field of blogging. Please overlook any goof-ups that might happen inadvertently. I intend to upload videos of some recipes once I am done with customizing and designing my blog.


It will be great if you write your comments and suggestions on the recipes that I share. I will try to respond to all your suggestions and queries as soon as possible.








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