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So, now my site has taken certain character and  I have posted six recipes already! Though it is just a beginning, but I feel that I have learnt a lot by joining Blogging 101. The best thing is that I have visited so many sites, and was really impressed by blogs written by others. I could learn a lot from these blogs, and this helped me enormously in shaping my blog pages.

I still struggle with customizing my site. I was interested in adding a new category page to my site, where I could share my thoughts with others. I want my recipe posts to be short and precise and therefore refrain from commenting too much about everyday life, or any random thought that crosses my mind, but does not relate to the recipe that I am writing. So the idea about a new page. After much struggle I have now added a new category to my site (I hope so!).

I was wondering what type of recipes do my readers want. Up till now I have posted recipes randomly, which cater to different cuisines and categories such as salads, soup, dessert. It will be very helpful if you give feedback on the type of recipes you will like to see in my blog. Will you like to see more Indian recipes, or fusion? Do you prefer vegetarian, desserts, soups, salads? Did you notice any shortcomings in my posts? Please comment and let me know.

In coming days I will post recipes of fruit chaat, some more soups, khandvi- a healthy snack item from India, and lot more. Will you like to see some curry recipes and dal (lentil preparation, eaten all over the Indian subcontinent.)? Looking forward to hear from you.

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  • Sure! There are many vegetarian curry dishes in Indian cuisines. In fact, some sort of vegetable curry is a must at dinner time in our home. And soup is my favorite 🙂

  • Hi Vandana, I think the addition of a page for “musings” is a great idea and I’ll be watching for them. I think your blog site is nicely done. It is clean, simple, and does showcase the recipes. I don’t have any suggestions on the site format at this time, but if I do, I’ll let you know.

    As far as recipes, I mentioned to you before that I am vegan, so I’ll be watching for ones that are or that can be simply altered to be vegan. Also, I’m going to share your site with my daughter who loves to cook (and who is not vegan). I love curry dishes, so would love to see more of those!

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, I plan to add many more curry recipes to my blog. There are many vegetarian choices in Indian food, but milk products are extensively used. You can easily replace them with vegan substitutes.

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